Brooke Vega


“Fit for the Keys”

First and foremost, I am a professional in all aspects of business. I dedicate myself to my clients and work because I take pride in what I do. Honesty is key to success in life, and it is what can be expected from me as your realtor. Choosing your home in the beautiful Florida Keys should be a pleasant experience and selling your home should be just as important.

After years and years in the corporate world working for an employer that had me on a schedule keeping me away from spending important moments with my children, I left to follow my passion of real estate. As a mother I get to enjoy the best of both worlds, doing the work I enjoy and spending many more hours, days, and years with my family. Fitness is my other passion, running, CrossFit and my Peloton bike are my favorite activities. Fitness is part of my regimen that has taught me how hard work and determination pays off. This reflects onto my work and my ability to get through anything.

I used that same determination while getting my master’s degree in business and accounting. At the end of the day, I still chose this path of real estate over many options. Let me put my dedication, drive, and professionalism to work for you!